Pipe changelog
Pipe changelog

You Can Now Delete Your Pipe Account





More #GDPR changes! Pipe accounts can now be deleted!

The process instantly deletes data related to:

1. account data:

  • name, email, Paddle email
  • all s3/sftp/dropbox credentials
  • all s3/sftp/dropbox & webhook logs
  • watermark and webhook entries
  • account environments and pages
  • sent invites & referral credits

2. recordings:

  • all personal metadata stored by us (IP, user agent, referrer, device names)
  • all recording files stored by us (audio, video, snapshot).*

*Deleting recording files stored by us might take up to 15 minutes to be removed as they enter a deletion queue.

3. email lists:

  • your name and email are removed from the email list responsible for sending welcome & trial expiration emails

What we do not delete:

  • your name and email are NOT removed from the News & Product Updates email list. You can remove yourself separately from the account area or by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email sent to that list.
  • sign up & sign in IPv4 and user agents will be deleted 1 year after the account is deleted

The delete option is available to all accounts. Accounts with an active paid subscription must cancel their subscription 1st.

After you delete your account you can sign up again with the same email.