Updates to the Usage Page in the Account Area

We've made several updates to the underlying code of the usage page during the last few weeks. To the account owner they amount to:

  • 🚀 being faster when calculating the pricing for large numbers of recordings (when you run into 2nd tier and 3rd tier pricing). Not quite rocket fast, but faster .
  • the monospaced font we've switched to in the tables will make said tables easier to scan and read 👓
  • seeing the exact start and end times for their current billing period (for example the 1st billing period starts with a date & time but ends on a full date)
  • being able to see the usage during their expired trial period
  • fix: total length values on previous billing periods are now correct, previously they did not include the audio length (cost was shown correctly)
  • fix: they'll not encounter a minor issue with showing lengths affected by how floating-point arithmetic works on computers
  • fix: on trial accounts we're not showing the cancel subscription button anymore