Pipe changelog
Pipe changelog

The extension .3g2 is now fully supported for mobile and desktop uploads





We've added the .3g2 extension to our list of extensions that are allowed when uploading from a mobile device using the mobile native recorder or when uploading directly from the desktop.

Here is a list of all the supported extensions (bolded is new):

Desktop Uploads Mobile Uploads
mp4 mp4
mov mov
webm webm
3gp 3gp
3gpp 3gpp
3g2 3g2
flv flv
avi avi
m4v m4v
ogv ogv
mod mod
qt qt
wmv wmv
mpeg mpeg
mpg mpg
aac aac
m4a m4a
mp3 mp3
wav wav
ogg ogg
wma wma
flac flac
amr amr