Pipe changelog
Pipe changelog

Separate control of recording options for the desktop and inline recorder




We've heard your requests and we've listened.

Thanks to the new embed code setting, avrec, now you can show or hide the option to record video/audio just like you can show/hide the other options displayed in the initial screen of the recorder.

If the avrec setting is not specified in the embed code or is set to 1, the record video/audio option will be displayed. To hide it, simply set it to 0.

With this newly added setting together with the setting srec and dup, you can now separately show or hide all 3 options in the initial screen of the recorder: record video/audio, screen recording, and upload video/audio.

Additionally to this, we've added a new dropdown in the embed dashboard section that allows you to directly choose what type of recorder you wish to embed.

Screenshot 2021-11-18 122713.png

Of course, having any combination of the 3 options is still possible by manually editing your embed code.