New and Improved Webhook Section

The webhook section has received some much-needed updates and functionality improvements:

  • We now show the list of events for which we've fired webhooks in the new webhook schedule section
  • You can now re-send each webhook event independently. We're also showing the number of attempts to fire each scheduled webhook event.
  • You now have access to up to 30 days (PRO accounts) or 72 hours (Standard accounts) of data for both the webhook schedule and the webhook logs as opposed to the last 100 attempts as it was until now.
  • Search the schedule and logs by recording ID and custom data
  • Filter the logs and schedule by HTTP status (200 or Other)
  • Added pagination for navigating through large sets of events & logs
  • You can now deactivate and reactivate webhooks
  • We've added more sample data to the Simulator (Test) section and also brought the samples up to date
  • We've greatly improved how we're showing the request & response headers and bodies
  • We accurately measure the response time for each attempt to send data to you
  • Quickly switch between webhooks with the drop down menu
  • Connection, SSL & HTTP response status now shown for each attempt to push data

You can read more about it in the blogpost or sign in and experience it directly.