Pipe changelog
Pipe changelog

FTP storage improvements






We have aligned the FTP behavior between the FTP test and the actual FTP push attempts with various FTP folder values (empty string, /, or any other folder value).

Changes to Dashboard FTP test

  • More descriptive log messages.
  • We stopped trying to make active FTP connections.
  • We now print the connection timeout and connection established times.
  • The file which is uploaded during the test is now removed from your FTP server at the end of the test.
  • The FTP test's timeout value is now aligned with the actual FTP push attempt's timeout (10 seconds instead of 20 seconds).

Changes to actual FTP push attempt

  • We stopped trying to make active FTP connections.
  • As a result, we have stopped pushing the addpipe-ftp-test.test file with every group of recording files. The file was pushed in an attempt to test if the passive connection mode succeeded.
  • We added e new error code, FTP_PASV_FAILED.