Fixed Issue with Screen Recordings Varying in Resolution

We've fixed an issue where if the following 4 clauses were met:

  1. screen recording
  2. made with Chrome
  3. that captured a window (not the screen)
  4. the window was resized during the recording process

the Chrome browser would produce a .mp4 file that had several sections in several resolutions. Such .mp4 files would not play in Safari, QuickTime, and VLC on Mac.

We're now analyzing Chrome screen recordings where the source is a window (window:*:* for camera name) and, if they have sections in different resolutions, we're converting the entire file to a single resolution .mp4 video file which plays correctly on all browsers and desktop players.

The resolution used for both the video and the snapshot will be the resolution of the 1st section/frame. All other sections will be stretched to fit this resolution (this is similar to how Firefox addresses the problem).

Here's how a recording with 7 sections in different resolutions (height differs between the segments) looks when analyzed:

Chrome screen recording with 7 sections in different resolutions.png