Pipe changelog
Pipe changelog

New Dropbox Integration




We've just released our new integration with Dropbox.

This simplifies the whole process and streamlines the authorization using the industry standard oAuth flow.

If you are using Dropbox to store your Pipe recordings, we encourage you to switch to the new integration.

le: the new integration is covered in this new blog post.

Export Recording Data




We have just launched a feature that allows you to export your recording data.

You can access this new feature by going to: https://dashboard.addpipe.com/export

On this page you will be able to set a date range for the export, select the environments you wish to export data for, and choose whether or not to export additional datasets(personal data, recording output data) alongside the default dataset.


Some example use cases for the exported recording data:

  • importing the data into other tools for analyzing
  • downloading all the recordings that are stored by Pipe
  • review of the PII we process alongside the recordings
  • backup

LE: More details on this new feature can be found in the blogpost.

Limited access to EU1

We've now limited access to our EU1 only region option to those environments that already have it selected.

Same priority for all recording types




Fixed an issue where, when there was a queue of recordings that needed to be processed - because of large volumes of incoming recordings - recordings uploaded through our native mobile recording client would be processed after the recordings streamed or uploaded through the desktop recording client.

Historically, recordings streamed or uploaded through our desktop recording client had higher priority.

This also paves the way for a better use of priorities.

Corrected the data retention period for sign in, sign up & reset password events




Clarified that the "information about the devices used to sign up, sign in and request a password reset" is kept for 3 years (not 1) after the account is deleted.

The info and retention period are shown at https://dashboard.addpipe.com/sessions.

External uptime & SSL monitoring




Booted StatusCake uptime and SSL monitors for most of our infrastructure. We'll probably stop using Pingdom soon.

Chunked upload for SFTP






Until recently, recordings that were larger than 1GB failed to upload through SFTP.

With this update, we've implemented chunked upload through SFTP for the transcoded .mp4 file and original raw recording, removing any size limit.

The fix comes in two parts:

  1. Large files are read in smaller chunks
  2. Those smaller chunks are streamed with a higher upload speed towards your server through SFTP





The Pipe "account area" hosted at https://addpipe.com has now been moved to https://dashboard.addpipe.com and renamed to "account dashboard".

Clarified what info is kept after account deletion



  1. 3 years for sign up. sign in, reset pass event data
  2. Unsubscription from the News & Product Updates e-mail list is separate
  3. Data needed for usage/pricing calculation


Granular Copy Is Better




The copy in the Pipe account area has been updated:

  1. More granularity around whether or not you're in the News & Product Updates e-mail list:
    • NOT IN IT
  2. Clarity around the status of cancelled but not expired subscriptions