Clarified docs regarding the CORS header


Updated the documentation regarding the requirement for a CORS header when using custom language files or custom video quality profiles.

Load balancers are always good


We've added a load balancer for our 2 client delivery servers ensuring high availability if one of them ever decides to go down in flames.

Redundant client files delivery


We've moved all the client files to 2 new client delivery servers, separating the delivery from the transcoding process. This puts our platform on track to:

  1. deliver the video recording clients via a CDN
  2. use much faster hardware video encoding on our transcoding servers

Fully URL encoded Webhook data


The entire webhook data is now properly URL encoded making it easy, simple and clear for anyone to work with our awesome webhooks.

HTML 5 client UI Tweaks


We've made some minor tweaks to our (beta) HTML5 video recording client:

  • Disabled buttons are now less obvious => active buttons (record, stop, play) are more obvious.
  • Bigger timer font makes it easier to understand

Small issue with validating webhook URls in the Test form


When testing using URL's with dashes it reported the URL as invalid. We've updated the regular expression used for URLs to allow the "-" char.

Billing page updates


Updated the billing page to better detail the (lower) cost/minute for the videos recorded past the 10k minutes mark/month.

JS Control API Fix


Fixed issue with document.VideoRecorder.record() not triggering the record when called from onRecorderReady()

Correct logging of errors for Dropbox


Fixed issue with drobpbox logs not associating errors with the correct environments

Documented differences between HTML 5 client and Flash client


On-going documentation of the differences between HTML 5 and Flash clients. View the updated documentation.

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