Disable Pre-Recorded Videos on Mobile

You can now prevent mobile users from uploading pre-recorded videos. The option is available in your Pipe account area when generating an embed code:

onRecorderInit() for HTML5 recorder

onRecorderInit() has now been added to the JS Events API of our 2nd generation HTML5 video recording client. It was missing.

Major Architectural Improvements 💪

We finally got to push to production important architectural changes we've been planning and working on for a while.

Thanks to these changes:

  • We can now recover & process videos that were unsaved due to broken Internet connection while recording, browser or OS crash, etc.
  • The issue with some videos being processed only after 1 minute is fixed
  • Saving the videos in our database is more secure

Filter Videos In The Pipe Account

Lots of work went into our backend since the last spike in usage but there's some front end news too, you can now filter the recorded videos in your Pipe account area:

  • All videos default
  • Not copied videos that were not yet copied from recording to transcoding server, rare occurrence
  • Empty videos that are 0kb in size
  • Queued and Processing non empty videos that were copied to our transcoding server an are queued for transcoding or during transcoding
  • Errors videos that completely failed to convert or completely failed to be pushed on your storage

Second Generation HTML 5 Client

We've made some major updates to the HTML 5 client resulting in:

  • Much higher video quality
  • Consistent video quality from start to finish
  • High quality videos can now be recorded over slow internet connections.
  • Faster connection to the media server
  • Completely fixed issue with some recordings having 0 KB in size

New Message Shown on Chrome 60

Starting with Chrome 60, camera and microphone access on insecure origins is deprecated. More details in the blogpost.

Dashboard UI update

We slightly tweaked the UI of the dashboard. Editing the current environment is now easier.

The HTML 5 WebRTC client is now available in Firefox 50+

You can now record using the WebRTC client in Firefox also. Huuraay!

Billing page updates

The billing page is now split into usage and billing for a better overview. Additional information was also added to the billing history table: vat sum, total sum, bet sum, link to invoice, etc.

Codecs, codecs, codecs: AMR-NB audio codec is now converted correctly.

Some codecs are like those pesky kids that no one wants to play with. AMR-NB audio codecs is one of those examples, but we've decided to be nice and convert it to standard AAC audio codec anyway.

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