Summer cleanup

Two times a year we reserve one week for fixing or improving stuff that piles up in our TODO bucket.

Here's what we did during the last week of August:

  • accounts created using Google can now set passwords and sign in using their email and password (along with their Google sign in)
  • we now log failed sign-in attempts and show them in the sessions page of your Pipe account; we've also added a link to quickly geolocate any IP used to sign in
  • bug: fixed a minor issue with the Flash client showing text behind the sound icon when recording audio
  • we've switched to using the CDN by default in all the newly generated embed codes
  • bug: we've fixed the unclickable upload video icon in the desktop client
  • bug: webhook data sent from the Pipe account area using the test webhook form or the retry failed webhook function was not properly urlencoded leading to ampersands in referrer URLs to cause all sorts of problems when receiving the webhook data
  • deleting recordings through the REST API is now a lot faster
  • the Recording Recovery mechanism which kicks in when a user loses connection without saving the video is now a lot more visible in the Pipe account area and in the documentation
  • we've updated the Recording Recovery mechanism to not recover recordings that are empty (0kb), nonexistent or <= 325bytes
  • bug: downloading videos through the account area from our US bucket now works as expected
  • secret access key for S3 is now hidden in the UI just like a password
  • added a direct link to the documentation from the Pipe account area
  • S3 logs now include the bucket folder

Way Better Storage Logs

From the Pipe account area you can now :

  • view all S3/(S)FTP/Dropbox logs on an account/environment instead of just the last 100
  • filter by recording id to view all the attempts to push a recording to storage
  • filter by type (successful or not) to help you identify problems especially when you're processing thousands of recordings per day
  • jump from the list of recordings to the S3/(S)FTP/Dropbox logs for a particular recording
  • read about each error status code in the legend section at the bottom

The blog post has more information about why this change is great.

Better Information Around Audio and Video Codecs

We've updated the Pipe account area to show the following information in the list of recordings:

  • audio codec
  • audio channels
  • audio sample rate
  • video codec

The information is shown for both the source (recording streamed or uploaded by the user) and for the final .mp4 recording (after being transcoded by Pipe).

This information will make it easier to identify what kind of recordings one receives from the users, the initial audio and video codecs, the number of audio channels and sample rate (directly influences quality) and whether or not transcoding audio/video is needed.

More GDPR changes

Over the last 2 weeks, we've done a few changes in light of GDPR coming into effect tomorrow the 25th of May.

Changes that help you with your compliance:

  • Do Not Store Personal Metadata is a new option made to sit along the existing Do Not Store Files. When turned on we delete all personal metadata related to a recording as soon as we're done processing that recording.
  • a new Data Processing Addendum to govern our relationship

Changes that touch on our GDPR compliance:

  • Security: the account password is needed when canceling a subscription or deleting an account
  • Security: we now collect the sign-up/sign-in IP and user agent. We store this information for up to 1 year after the trial account has expired or the account has been deleted.
  • Updated copy around account deletion and subscription canceling to make it more clear what happens when you cancel your subscription or delete your account.
  • Our Privacy Policy has been updated
  • We've switched our sign up form to add emails to our e-mail list based on explicit consent. We used to rely on legitimate interest and soft opt-in.
  • We've stopped collecting personal data from our reseller, Paddle, so we're not showing the email to which the invoices will be sent. The invoices are linked directly from your account area though.
  • Changes in the way our website uses non-essential cookies

Last Webhook Change (4/4)

As promised on the 25th of April we've removed some data from our webhooks, data that's unrelated to the event for which we're sending the webhook.The documentation and test webhook data have been updated to reflect the changes.

This move will (also) enable us to roll out a new Do Not Store Personal Metadata feature similar to the Do Not Store Files feature.

Upload Progress Indicator

In a subtle move to make the HTML5 recorder a lot more intuitive on slow (upload) Internet connections we've managed to add a percentage indicator during video uploading:

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 14.29.58.png

Changes To Our Webhooks (3/4)

1) We've introduced 2 brand new webhooks:

  • video_converted which triggers when the recording has finished converting
  • video_copied_pipe_s3 which triggers when the recording has finished copying to our S3 storage

2) Along with these 2 new webhooks the old video_transcoded webhook is being deprecated (it will still fire if you have it setup currently, but you’ll not be able to add new ones)

3) We've also added md5 and sha-1 checksums to all our storage webhooks:

  • video_copied_pipe_s3 (new)
  • video_copied_ftp
  • video_copied_s3
  • video_copied_dbox

The documentation has also been updated to reflect the changes and you can read more about the updates in the blogpost.

Personal Data Is More Obvious

The list of videos from the Pipe account area will now highlight personal data collected by us as data processors for you (the data controllers).

This will help you, the data controller, with both awareness and GDPR compliance.


You Can Now Delete Your Pipe Account

More #GDPR changes! Pipe accounts can now be deleted!

The process instantly deletes data related to:

1. account data:

  • name, email, Paddle email
  • all s3/sftp/dropbox credentials
  • all s3/sftp/dropbox & webhook logs
  • watermark and webhook entries
  • account environments and pages
  • sent invites & referral credits
  • sign in session information

2. recordings:

  • all personal metadata stored by us (IP, user agent, referrer, device names)
  • all recording files stored by us (audio, video, snapshot).*

*Deleting recording files stored by us might take up to 15 minutes to be removed as they enter a deletion queue.

3. email lists:

  • your name and email are removed from the email list responsible for sending welcome & trial expiration emails

What we do not delete:

  • your name and email are NOT removed from the News & Product Updates email list. You can remove yourself separately from the account area or by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email sent to that list.
  • sign up & sign in IPv4 and user agents will be deleted 1 year after the account is deleted

The delete option is available to all accounts. Accounts with an active paid subscription must cancel their subscription 1st.

After you delete your account you can sign up again with the same email.

More Data Transparency

In light of GDPR coming into effect May 25th we've made a few changes to make all the data we collect (as processors in GDPR speak) for our clients more easily available to them (as controllers).

Updates to our REST API:

  • GET and GET will also return the public IPv4 of the device used to record the video.

Updates to our webhooks:

  • The video_recorded webhook will also POST info about the:
    • ip of the used device
    • camera name
    • microphone name
    • user agent

Updates to the Pipe account area:

  • the referer is now shown for each video (it was already avb. through the REST API and webhooks)

We've also revised our documentation to correctly reflect the data sent through webhooks and available through the REST API.

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