Alphanumeric environment IDs

The environment IDs are now 6 character long alphanumeric strings.

All the newly generated embed codes will contain the alphanumeric ID as the value for the eid parameter.

The environment edit section now shows the alphanumeric ID.

This change is fully backward compatible and does not impact older embed codes that use the numeric environment ID.

For better security, we advise you to update the value of eid with the new alphanumeric ID for the embed codes you already have in your websites or apps.

Amazon S3 Storage Class Option

When pushing files to Amazon S3 you can now choose between 4 of their storage classes:

  • Standard (default)
  • Standard-Infrequent Access
  • Intelligent Tiering
  • One Zone-Infrequent Access

The options are available in the s3 section inside the Pipe account area.

You can find out more about each storage class here and here

Better Organized Storage Section

All the storage options(S3, (S)FTP, Dropbox) have been grouped inside a new section called, you guessed it, Storage.

In this new section, we've also added all the information about Pipe's own storage.

The Do Not Store setting has been moved from the environment options to the new storage section.

Fixed issue with IPv6 users being routed to the EU region

At this time the Pipe platform supports only IPv4, however, the CDN part of the platform had IPv6 enabled until now, which led to cases where a US user connected to the Internet through IPv6 would be directed to the EU region. Such connections defaulted to the EU region if the region setting on the Pipe account was set to Auto-detect.

To fix this issue, we've disabled IPv6 on the CDN.

Summer Cleanup

  • NEW: center position for watermarks
  • FIX: added support for audio/amr to the mobile native client
  • NEW: moved all billing details and the cancel subscription button under the new Subscription section
  • NEW: we're now also showing the sum for failed payment attempts
  • FIX: updates to the reconnection mechanism (fix when the user presses the STOP button while the recording client is disconnected
  • The HTML5 recorder is now used instead of the Flash one on localhost, and ::1 on both Chrome 63+ and Firefox 50+ (localhost is a secure origin)
  • We're now defaulting to the 640x360 @ 30 fps resolution for the recorder in the Pipe account area

New and Improved Webhook Section

The webhook section has received some much-needed updates and functionality improvements:

  • We now show the list of events for which we've fired webhooks in the new webhook schedule section
  • You can now re-send each webhook event independently. We're also showing the number of attempts to fire each scheduled webhook event.
  • You now have access to up to 30 days (PRO accounts) or 72 hours (Standard accounts) of data for both the webhook schedule and the webhook logs as opposed to the last 100 attempts as it was until now.
  • Search the schedule and logs by recording ID and custom data
  • Filter the logs and schedule by HTTP status (200 or Other)
  • Added pagination for navigating through large sets of events & logs
  • You can now deactivate and reactivate webhooks
  • We've added more sample data to the Simulator (Test) section and also brought the samples up to date
  • We've greatly improved how we're showing the request & response headers and bodies
  • We accurately measure the response time for each attempt to send data to you
  • Quickly switch between webhooks with the drop down menu
  • Connection, SSL & HTTP response status now shown for each attempt to push data

You can read more about it in the blogpost or sign in and experience it directly.

Subscribe Again With The Same Account

You can now subscribe, cancel the paid subscription and then resubscribe with the same account as many times as you want. This will make it easier for accounts with periodical usage to use Pipe.

Out Of Beta

FTP Push Update

Pipe will now connect to FTP in passive connection mode and then fall back to active connection mode if passive is not supported.

Introducing the Transcoding Engine

Aaand liftoff, we have successfully launched the Transcoding Engine!

The Transcoding engine gives you control over the output of the Pipe platform.

Whether you need to change the aspect ratio and resolution of your videos, have the snapshot taken in different sizes, keep copies of the original recordings or generate a filmstrip to quickly scan the contents of a video, the Trancoding Engine has your back :)