New Message Shown on Chrome 60

Starting with Chrome 60, camera and microphone access on insecure origins is deprecated. More details in the blogpost.

Dashboard UI update

We slightly tweaked the UI of the dashboard. Editing the current environment is now easier.

The HTML 5 WebRTC client is now available in Firefox 50+

You can now record using the WebRTC client in Firefox also. Huuraay!

Billing page updates

The billing page is now split into usage and billing for a better overview. Additional information was also added to the billing history table: vat sum, total sum, bet sum, link to invoice, etc.

Codecs, codecs, codecs: AMR-NB audio codec is now converted correctly.

Some codecs are like those pesky kids that no one wants to play with. AMR-NB audio codecs is one of those examples, but we've decided to be nice and convert it to standard AAC audio codec anyway.

HTML 5 client UI fix

The hiding of he Connecting message is now synchronized with the time the recording actually starts.

Countdown timers are the new trend

While recording, the timer will start to, you guessed it, countdown from the maximum recording time towards 00:00.

Hide all UI

You wanted to only show the live feed and implement your own custom controls? Well this is your lucky day.

When the menu is not shown, you now also have the option to hide the recording counter (set st to 0 in the embed code) and the mic/cam options (set ssb to 0 in the embed code)

Live feed after playback completes in Flash client

Users liked the way the HTML5 client showed the live feed after playback and asked for the same behavior in Flash, so here you go, live feed is now.. well live :)

Recording during playback pause is now possible with the HTML5 client

Some icky bugs still lurked around in the HTML5 client. Today we've fixed the issue with recording not working if trying to record while the playback was paused.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Pipe will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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